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Councilman Torres Wants New York to Meet Federal Lead...

After the city's failure to accurately report lead levels in NYCHA housing, A New York City council member wants to tackle lead poisoning. 
Ritchie Torres' main concern is matching the city's definition of lead poisoning with the federal government's--which is much lower than the city's. This means the lead levels need to be higher in order for the problem to be addressed. The council member is calling on the city to lower the blood lead level from 10 to 5 milligrams per deciliter to match the federal government's standard. He says this will result in a healthier environment. 
Angela Harris is a NYCHA resident whose twin boys tested positive for lead poisoning. She said her apartment had elevated lead levels but city officials covered it up. 
"They said the levels were not high enough to do a debridement. I feel if the level is there at all, that it should be enough do to a debridement. No child should be susceptible to any type of lead, I'm sad that it was mine, but I hope that I will be able to show other parents that it is important."
The plan also includes a partnership with a medical service provider to offer free screenings at the council member's office on Tuesdays.