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City Officials Announce New Beach Under the Brooklyn Bridge

City Officials Announce New Beach Under the Brooklyn Bridge
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The Brooklyn Bridge Beach will offer recreational opportunities as well as storm protection for Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Manhattan's Lower East Side is still rebuilding, almost ten months after Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the area last October.  Now, city officials are working to turn a trash-strewn area under the Brooklyn Bridge into an inviting oasis.

The abandoned area along the East River's going to be transformed into a sandy beach.  It will offer recreational activities like kayaking and fishing, but as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn notes, it's not just for fun.

"We're a river city - and Mother Nature can be tough - so we're going to use our open space as effectively as we can, not just for recreation, but for protection," said Quinn.

Salt marshes and tree-lined walkways are just some of the features Brooklyn Bridge Beach will have to help the waterfront withstand future storms.  No word on an official timeline yet, but the Manhattan Borough President's Office says it will be at least a few years before the project's complete.