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Bronx Bakery Makes Pope Cookies

Pope Cookie

Bronx Bakery Makes Pope Cookies [Photo: Jake Shore, WFUV]

The anticipation of Pope Francis' New York arrival is causing a boom in sales for the "Pope Cookie," made by the family-owned Artuso Pastry Shop in the Bronx.
The shop first began making papal-inspired cookies in 2008, when Pope Benedict XVI hosted a mass in Yankee Stadium. Not expecting the cookies to be as popular as they were, shop manager Natalia Corridori says Artuso's sold out within the hour. 
Since then, she says the shop has been consistently creating and selling Pope cookies during events such as Pope Benedict's resignation and Pope Francis' inauguration. However, Carridori says Pope Francis' visit next week is proving to be the most profitable opportunity for the selling of Pope Cookies.
"Right now, we have one order in particular for 10,000 cookies from Florida," Carridori said.
Carridori says Pope Francis' worldwide popularity is a major factor in the sales of the Pope Cookies. 
"I always knew the Pope was a big thing, but I never knew how big he was until we started selling the 'Pope Cookie' and how many people love the Pope. This Pope in particular [is popular] because he's progressive and is bringing so much change to the Catholic Church," she said.
Artuso Pastry Shop offers their cookies at around $3.00 each.