Broadway Groupies: The Groupee

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Image Caption: Broadway Groupies: The Groupee
by Kris Venezia | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

If it's on Broadway, Jennifer Lyn is there.

The Broadway League says the average theater-goer sees about five shows a year.  But, some people go again and again and again. In fact, these fans may spend thousands of dollars to see their favorite shows over several years.  All this week, WFUV News is introducing you to hardcore theater goers. 

Jennifer Lyn saw her first show when she was eight years old.

"Ever since then I've been just like drawn to the whole song and dance, and shows that have like... a story to them, especially if it's a story where you're like whoa, that took a whole different direction," she said.

Today, she can't get enough of Broadway, working around the clock with theaters, shows, and actors. Lyn has a job with Playbill. She spends her days moving throughout Broadway, picking up tickets for high profile customers from playhouses. On a typical day, she'll visit almost every single theater in the area. Other duties for Lyn include snapping pictures for Playbill and updating the website for star: Jeremy Jordan. Lyn says working with Broadway has been a rewarding experience. 

"That's the thing with most of the shows that I go to," she said. "The actors really embrace their fans. When you go to the show you feel like that's not Clyde up there, that's my buddy Jeremy... You feel like [they're] a part of your family." 

Lyn says the biggest obstacle for her is the weather. Sometimes the climate in the northeast can be harsh, and she says being prepared to deal with the weather is important. 

"It's an all-weather thing, so if it's hot bring a fan and some water, if it's cold you better bundle up, and if it's pouring, make sure you have an umbrella," Lyn said, "I've come back to the office drenched."

Lyn's favorite shows on Broadway include Memphis and Newsies. 









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