Artists Who Make Zines

These are present day comic book covers, of comics that are frowned down upon by the Association of Comics Magazine Publishers, shown in Washington, D.C., Oct. 4, 1949, as part of the Library of Congress exhibit "20,000 Years of Comics." (AP Photo/Bill Allen)
by wfuvnews | 03/04/2024 | 10:58am

(Photo Credit: AP News)

Zines are a combination of appropriated and original content which become self-published. Some of the best known zines are from the 1990s punk feminist movement, Riot Grrl and punk queer subculture, Queercore. WFUV’s Avery Loftis sits down with curators Branden Joseph and Drew Sawyer to discuss the underground culture of “fanzines” and how the Brooklyn Museum plans to spotlight zines in a new exhibition called “Copy Machine Manifestos.” 

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