40 Years a Yankee Stadium Vendor

[Editor's Note: This is an encore presentation of "Cityscape" from July 24, 2019.]

Thousands of people flock to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx every baseball season to take in a game. Many, of course, will purchase something while there — perhaps a hot dog, a beer, or a hat.

On this week's "Cityscape," we’re looking at Yankee Stadium, not from the fan perspective, but from the view of a vendor, and a longtime one at that.

Stewart J. Zully began vending at Yankee Stadium when he was just 15, and he continued working there into his fifties. Zully describes his experiences as a vendor in his new book, "My Life in Yankee Stadium: 40 Years As a Vendor and Other Tales of Growing Up Somewhat Sane in The Bronx."

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