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Question of the Day: What Would You Do To Get Your Fix?

by Morning Show

Maybe it's because we work early in the day, but if there was one thing we would NEVER give up, it's coffee.  Never.  Period.  Seriously.  We'd sell off all our earthly possessions in order to pay for our java fix.  Apparently, this is NOT the case overseas, where "Deepening economic troubles have reached the soul of Southern Europe:  the local cafe."  Do you drink as much joe as we do?  How much?  And, of course, we wonder whether you can help us brew up a great set of songs about coffee in today's  'FUV Question of the Day. 

What we played:

"One More Cup of Coffee" - The White Stripes, The White Stripes (1999)

"Coffee Blues" - Mississippi John Hurt, The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt (1967)

"Cigarettes and Coffee" - Otis Redding, The Soul Album (1966)

"Good Morning Coffee" - Greg Brown, In The Dark With You (1985)

"Black Coffee In Bed" - Squeeze, Sweets From A Stranger (1982)