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New Music Monday Has End Of Summer Jams

by Quinn Harris

New Music Monday is a collection of the best new releases in music each week. We share them with you every Monday, every hour on WFUV.

Bear's Den - Agape

Agape is the debut EP from London band Bear's Den. It's raw, heartfelt, and laid-back all at once and has captured our attention here at WFUV. Theirs is a sound we haven't quite heard anything like; a little bit like Mumford & Sons, a little bit Fleet Foxes, Bear's Den haven't even put out a full album yet but they've still managed to impress us.

Cage the Elephant - "Come A Little Closer"

Cage the Elephant has put out two albums that ranged from straightforward, Stones-influenced rock (2009's Cage the Elephant) to 2011's Thank You Happy Birthday, which sounded something like an American version of the Libertines. Melophobia deepens that British influence; on "Come A Little Closer" the band sounds a bit like the Arctic Monkeys. It's a confident tune that's much less aggressive than the band's past sound, and it seems like Cage the Elephant is finally perfecting their own sound.

Diego Garcia - "Sunnier Days"

Diego Garcia's "Sunny Days" is exactly like it sounds: a playful, summery tune that combines his Latin roots (he was raised by Argentinian parents) and wide-ranging influences like Serge Gainsbourg. Garcia, a labelmate of soon-to-be star Valerie June, previously fronted brooding indie band Elefant, but "Sunnier Days" shows he's turned a creative corner toward more intimate, personal music. It's almost as if he's gone from listening to The Jesus & Mary Chain to Harry Nilsson, and it's a change we love.

Mike Doughty - "The Idiot Kings"

Mike Doughty, the front man of '90s rock band Soul Coughing, set up a pledge website to raise money for his new solo album. After just sixteen hours the record was fully funded. That's a testament to Doughty's fan base and shows the faith his fans have in him as an artist. The result: "The Idiot Kings," a pop song that fits right alongside '90s pop stars like Sugar Ray, The Barenaked Ladies, and Alanis Morrisette. In fact, the song shares more than just style with Morrisette, as both artists sing, "Everything is fine, fine, fine," in eerily similar ways. That aside, "The Idiot Kings" is a strong start to Doughty's new album, which comes out September 17th under the title Circles Super Bon Bon...

NONONO - "Pumpin' Blood"

NONONO is a Swedish trio of producers Astma& Rocwell and singer Stina Wappling. Although they often seem influenced by bleak and melancholy bands like The Cure and Joy Division, "Pumpin' Blood" is a fun, jaunty song that has more in common with the theme from The Bridge On the River Kwai and the film scores of Ennio Morricone. The song immediately explodes with a memorable whistle and stomp chorus that is sure to make NONONO a hit band.