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Question of the Day: Whatever Happened to...?

by Corny O'Connell

From time to time you may hear an artist or band that get's you to wondering, "Whatever happened to...?" You haven't heard anything new from them in a while and you can't remember the last time they were around to perform. We're not looking for the answers. Just give us someone who seems to have dropped off the radar. We'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

"Stop Your Fussin'" - Toni Childs

"Give Me One Reason" - Tracy Chapman

Charlie Mars - FUV Live - 2014

by Alisa Ali

This modern troubadour from Mississippi has been making music since 1997. He takes a minimalist approach to his songs, stripping back any unnecessary sounds and getting right to the heart of the matter with his thoughtful lyrics and expressive voice. Mars explains his approach by saying, “I want to write records that are handwritten letters, not emails. I want to be a part of people making music and connecting, not computer tricks.” Charlie's new album, The Money, is out today and we’ll hear my conversation with him and some live performances of the new material on this episode of FUV Live.

John Doe - FUV Live - 2014

by Alisa Ali
With a career spanning almost 40 years, John Doe has an impressively varied catalogue of music under his belt. He was a co-founder of the influential  punk band X which started in the '70s. In the '80s he put out a rockabilly album with his band The Knitters and in the '90s he began his solo career with a country record called, Meet John Doe. In 2011, John Doe released his ninth solo record, Keeper, and realized that he’d made more albums on his own than with his previous bands. It was then that he had the idea to release a collection of his solo work. “I wanted to convey the idea of the best: this far,” he says. “This is not ‘I’m done, I’m over, this is the best I’m ever gonna do.’ This is more like a celebration of the not-so-distant past.” Earlier this year, Yep Roc released The Best of John Doe: This Far and we had the privilege of hosting John in Studio A for an FUV Live session where he performed some of the songs from the record, which you can watch here.

Question of the Day: Who Have You Discovered?

by Corny O'Connell

It's Columbus Day, the anniversary of Christopher Columbus' landing in the New World in 1492. That was, or course, a great discovery for him. What discoveries have you made lately in music? Share your latest musical finds below and we'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

Avery*Sunshine "I Got Sunshine"

Hurray For the Riff Raff "I Know It's Wrong (But That's Alright)"

Jeffery Martin "Dogs In the Daylight"

Foals "My Number"