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Back When $1,000,000 Was a LOT of Money

by Rich Conaty
Herman Becher

Among the eight birthdays being observed tonight is Johnny Marvin's. Marvin was born in Butler, Oklahoma (some sources say on a wagon train!) on July 11, 1897. He sang and played the uke. Marvin made his first record in 1924, and was featured in Broadway's "Honeymoon Lane," along with Kate Smith, two years later. He recorded under his own name on Okeh, Edison, Columbia and Victor, and as "Honey Duke" on Harmony. His last were in 1940, and he died four years later from a fever picked up on a USO Tour of the South Pacific.

UKNY On FUV For July 5: The British-American Edition

by Kara Manning
Blood Orange's Dev Hynes and Friends' Samantha Urbani (courtesy of the artist,

Tonight at 11, UKNY marks its first anniversary on WFUV. While the show usually focuses on emerging and established British artists, this week—in honor of Independence Day—the former colonies and the motherland converge for a British-American edition, celebrating bands and collaborations that bridge both countries, like Fleetwood Mac, Blood Orange and Friends' Samantha Urbani (pictured), Atoms For Peace, Big Deal, The Kills … and even Monty Python.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For July 5

by Marshall Crenshaw
Bobby Womack (courtesy of the artist's FB page)

On this week's show I'll pay tribute for the third time (the fourth if you count reruns) to Bobby Womack, now deceased. I can now add this to the list of Hugely Dumb Things That I've Done In My Life: not going to see Bobby Womack at City Winery just a couple months ago. Geeezzzz.
A) I knew about it in advance.
B) I could've gotten in free and probably would've been able to meet him.
C) It was public knowledge that his health outlook was bad.
D) He's one of my Favorite Musical Artistes Ever and it would've been an honor to be in the same bulding as him.  There's a life lesson in this, but I'm too dumb to learn it.

Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" For July 5

by WFUV Staff
Photo: Pete and Toshi Seeger, courtesy of Lincoln Center

Last February, an episode of Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight"®, inspired by the late Pete Seeger, aired mostly online due to basketball. So since Vin is vacationing this week, he chose to resurrect that show for tonight, especially since a memorial concert for Pete and Toshi Seeger will take place at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park Bandshell on Sunday afternoon, July 20 with a lineup that includes Judy Collins, Peter Yarrow and Dar Williams and Dan Zanes.

"While my show isn't a Pete Seeger 'tribute' show by any stretch of the imagination," writes Vin, "Pete's spirit and influence hangs over, informs and inspires every moment of tonight's 'Idiot's Delight.' Pete was truly a giant cultural musical icon whose influence on several generations of Americans and people all over the world is immeasurable."