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Natalie Migliore


What do you do at WFUV? 
I'm a special projects reporter and news anchor for WFUV News. I work on multiple special projects, but I find myself regularly reporting for our Strike-A-chord Campaign series. Some other projects I've worked on are WFUV's #FUVLOVE series and my very own #SomethingintheAir series. 
Where are you from? 
Long Island, New York. I love the beach and the local coffee shops in Huntington Village, the town I grew up in.  
Why did you choose journalism? 
 I've always been curious and knew sitting at a desk from 9-5 was not what I wanted for my future. I really wanted a job that allowed me to be creative, but I wanted to be around people. My job lets me meet new people every day and they let me tell their stories. 
What's it like telling other peoples stories? 
Well, it's really a gift and privilege that someone trusts in me to tell their story. I've met so many great people through journalism and, in a way, I aspire to restore faith in humanity, because there are so many people doing great things. 

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