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Life in the Minors - Chapter 5: True Fans

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Fans Keep the Players Going

For the 12th straight year WFUV is taking a look at what life is like in the Short Season Single-A NY Penn League...a close-up view of the Baby Bombers and Junior Mets as they attempt to climb the ladder to Citi Field and Yankee Stadium. It's Brooklyn and Staten Island. It's the Cyclones and Yankees. It's Life in the Minors: How the Other Half Lives.


Nick Logerfo - Staten Island Yankees Beat Reporter

Fans are a huge part of the game of baseball. They create hostile environments for away teams and adoring atmospheres for the home team. In New York the fans are some of the greatest in the world, however New York fans’ adoration doesn’t come without a price tag.

Along with playing in New York comes the pressure to succeed, something these minor leaguers will experience more and more as they climb the ranks through the Yankees’ organization.

In Staten Island the fans enjoy coming out to a game at relatively low cost and seeing the potential future stars of the major leagues. Many of the fans we talked to this week said Staten Island provides a great venue to watch a game and that watching these young minor leaguers is just as good if not better than watching a major league game. Whether fans have been coming since the Yankees started in Staten Island in 2002, or were just coming for their first game didn’t matter, all fans shared the excitement of coming to a live competitive and captivating baseball game.
Along with baseball, fans in Staten Island also enjoy many of the non-baseball related activities at a minor league game. For instance many fans enjoy fun games between innings, pump up sing along songs, and sometimes even fireworks after the game. Many of these things are absent at the major league level and make minor league baseball unique, stimulating, and all around great family fun. Of course fans also enjoy getting some standard stadium cuisine such as the classic hotdog and cracker jacks between innings. In Staten Island fans find the food to be in abundance. 
Minor league baseball is great fun for players and fans alike and in Staten Island the Yankees certainly don’t disappoint.