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Words with the Man Behind the Hope

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Yankees Director of Communications and Media Relations explains HOPE Week

The annual HOPE week event, which stands for Helping Others Persevere and Excel (HOPE), is the brainchild of Jason Zillo, the Yankees Director of Communications and Media Relations.  Now in its third year, the Yankees honor various people and groups throughout the week, seeking to provide a boost through the service of their players and coaches.

Every member of the active roster is involved in one of the five events and plays an active role in creating a unique experience for each honoree.  It is all a use of what Zillo sees as the platform the Yankees have as an organization.  The goal of HOPE week is to utilize that platform to improve lives in some way.
I sat down with Zillo at the end of the third annual event.  He detailed how HOPE Week came to be and what it means to him and the Yankee organization.