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The Baseball Biker

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Catching up with a baseball/bike enthusiast on the 21st leg of his 30-city journey

Darren O’Donnell has decided to intertwine two of his passions: baseball and bicycle riding. The 24-year-old college graduate is in the middle of a six-month long bike ride around the United States, with a quick stop in Canada. But what makes this journey especially unique is the stops along the way. Darren is on a quest to catch a game at every Major League Baseball stadium this season. 

Starting in Seattle on Opening Day, Darren has visited 21 of the 30 ballparks. Only two men have attempted, and succeeded, this expedition before and Darren hopes to join the club on September 25th in St. Louis. He was in New York earlier this week to check Citi Field and Yankee Stadium off the list and is now up in Boston to get a firsthand look at Fenway Park. We will continue to follow Darren for the remainder of his over 8,000-mile journey and wish him the best of luck.

Listen below, and follow Darren on Facebook and Twitter for more details.