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A Weekend at Pocono Raceway


One on One talks to Fordham student and driver Chase Mattioli and his family at the Pocono Raceway

This past Saturday, One on One was live at Pocono Raceway with some special coverage centered around Fordham student Chase Mattioli, a business major in the class of 2012.

Chase is in 3rd place for the ARCA series rookie of the year, and 17th overall.  Ben Allen, Ricky Cibrano, and Joe Tordy were able to get behind the scenes with Chase and his family.

Ricky and Joe had a chance to catch up with Chase. They talked about how he got into racing, how he’s doing in the ARCA series and his first race in the NASCAR Camping World Truck series, the business side of racing, and balancing school with racing.

Ben talked to Chase’s grandmother, who with her husband, owns Pocono Raceway. She talked about the past, present, and future of Chase’s racing career. Plus, they discussed the family business, and what in her eyes is unique about the track.

Ricky and Joe also spoke with Chase’s father, Joe. Topics included the family’s history at the raceway, ownership away from the corporate world, the atmosphere at the track, and of course, his son.