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Men’s Water Polo Weekly Senior: J.D Shrewsbury


A Player Profile of Water Polo Captain JD Shrewsbury

Name: J.D Shrewsbury

From: St. Louis, Missouri

Major: Business Administration

Position: Two Meter/Center

Why Water Polo: “My older brother did it and I like how it’s a combination of many sports that I enjoy like soccer, basketball, and swimming."

Favorite Moment: “When we made Conferences for the first time in like 20 years and then winning the conference in 2009."

Biggest Accomplishment: “Making a Division 1 Water Polo team and being named captain."

Goals for the Season: “As a team, I want us to play our best water polo at the end of the year and get ready for another successful run at Conferences. And individually, just do whatever it takes to make the team better."

Favorite Quote: “Al Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday. If you don’t know it you should definitely look it up on Youtube."

Favorite Movie: Casino

Favorite Food: Pizza

Plans After College: “Hopefully get a job in the city at a financial service firm."