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Anatomy of a Road Trip - Day 6


 Finally Home from a Memorable Trip

Tom Felice, one of the voices of the Rams on WFUV is chronicling the men's basketball holiday trip to Georgia and California.


The trip for Fordham ended just as it had begun, with Eddie the Bus Driver. After a calm cross country flight, Eddie was waiting at JFK International to bring the Rams home. It was a trying six days for Fordham, three days of travel to the west coast, two losses in the Cable Car Classic, and one day of travel back. The itinerary was thrown out the window pretty much the moment the journey began, but there’s no doubt this is a trip that everyone on it will remember. 

During the trip Tom Pecora was telling his team that even if they were tired from all the travel and down after their loss, it was not the worst thing that would ever happen to them. I think this may have been hammered home at the baggage claim at JFK. A few young children came up to some of the players and asked for their autographs. They might not have know they were Fordham basketball players, they might not have known their 6-6 record, they might not even know what a win loss record is. They may have just wanted the signatures of the real tall guys waiting for their bags. 

Day 6 of the trip was certainly the most uneventful. Everything went according to plan, which is more than can be said for any of the other days. Cross off autograph seekers, cross country flight, and home on your trip BINGO cards. I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of the trip, but before then, you can hear Tom Pecora at 2:30 on One On One today. If you’ve been playing along and keeping a BINGO card, we would love to see it. Please send a copy to and check back on Monday to see them, right here on