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Anatomy of a Road Trip - Day 4


Rams Relax, Maybe too Much

Tom Felice, one of the voices of the Rams on WFUV is chronicling the men's basketball holiday trip to Georgia and California.


After three days in buses, planes, and different hotels, day 4 of the Fordham road trip finally allowed them to stay at the same place. With the last of the travel party getting in late last night, the Rams were finally together in their final destination. All of the travel meant that the first day of rest was also the first day of games in the 44th Cable Car Classic.

Fordham started the day with breakfast at 10. After the players devoured their meals they met for a quick film session. There was some down time before the team went for a game day shoot-around. Most of the players just relaxed, but I was joined in the hotel gym by assistant coaches Mike Kelly and John Morton. Fordham usually doesn't have shoot-arounds on game days, but after Coach Tom Pecora canceled practice last night he felt it was best to get them on court. 

After the quick practice the Rams came back to the hotel, and had some more free time. On road trips there is a lot of true down time. When classes are in session, the players have schoolwork to do. During break there's no homework, so the players have to find other ways to occupy there time. Some watch television, others catch up on their sleep.

The Rams were back together at 4pm for another quick film session before having their team meal. A little more free time after that, and then it was on the bus for the 6:30 departure. Fordham got to the Leavy Center near the end of the first half of the opening game between Delaware and Santa Clara. The players sat in the stands to watch, while the coaches sat courtside, taking copious notes on both teams, not knowing who the opponent would be tomorrow.

As the first game ended and some of the Santa Clara fans left, the Fordham fans began to stick out. A group of boosters were in the section behind the bench. Most were from the west coast, but there were some among them who came from the New York area. There were even some current Fordham students who live in Northern California. Sadly the Fordham supporters went home disapointed, as the Rams lost to American 73-57.

Today might have been the most calm day for Fordham, but it was also the most frustrating, as the Rams never really found rhythm in their 16 point loss. But tomorrow brings another day and another game, Fordham faces off against host Santa Clara in the consolation game of the Cable Car Classic. For today, cross off Leavey Center and hotel gym on your travel BINGO cards. Fordham plays Santa Clara at 9e/6p tomorrow. You can hear it on 90.7 FM and, and you can continue to follow the Rams road trip right here at