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Bob Costas: The Last Word

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25-Time Emmy Winner Adds Scully Award to his Collection

Bob Costas is one of the most awarded sports broadcasters we have ever seen. A winner of an incredible 25 Emmy Awards, Costas has also covered multiple World Series, NBA Championships, Super Bowls, and Olympic Games. While all of those accolades are certainly noteworthy, Costas recently took home what he calls one of the great honors of his career, WFUV’s Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award.

A Queens native, Costas grew up consumed by the world of sports and the voices that connected those sports to the audience. He started out calling minor league hockey games, honing his skills as he continued to branch out and cover different sports, and has developed over the years into the premiere voice in the sports industry. Although he started out doing play-by-play, his career would shift towards hosting and sports-talk programming. In everything he does, Costas remains a master in preparation and a paradigm of professionalism.

Everything Bob does, he does well. His versatility is unmatched. That said, Bob’s best skill may just be the way in which he conducts interviews. He has spoken to seemingly everyone in the world of sports, however controversial, yet has never been afraid to ask the tough questions. Bob gets the answers that the audience wants to know.

Through it all, Bob Costas has become the most revered voice in the realm of sports media. He is the voice that both common sports fans, as well as his colleagues, respect and admire. He has earned the trust of his listeners and continues to serve as the ultimate authority on all sports matters. Bob Costas is the last word.

Listen below to Bob Costas: The Last Word, in its entirety.