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Jake Kring-Schreifels

MLB FanFest Opens to Give All Baseball Fans All-Star Experience

MLB Director of Special Events Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto Discusses Second NY FanFest in Five Years

After touring MLB's annual FanFest, this year at the Javits Center in Manhattan, MLB Director of Special Events Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto was kind enough to chat with Jake Kring-Schreifels, Bob Ahrens, and I about some of the great things the event has to offer.

One on One Scans the NFL with Clark Judge

CBS Sports Senior NFL Writer discusses the combine, Te'o, and Flacco's new contract


Nolan Silbernagel and I talked with NFL writer Clark Judge Saturday about the NFL, which still manages to be relevant even in its offseason. He visited Indianapolis last weekend for the NFL combine and shares his thoughts on who he had his eyes on. We break down some of the quarterbacks like Denard Robinson of Michigan and West Virginia’s Geno Smith and what their futures could be as we apporoach draft day. Then of course the big story of the week: Manti Te’o. Judge gives us his thoughts on his draft stock and the nature of scouts asking players questions about their sexual orientation.


Reflecting on the Winter Classic

Looking back at HBO’s 24/7 series and its effect on the sport of hockey

It was quite a spectacle. Not just that Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, became engulfed in orange and black, nor simply that a baseball stadium became undistinguishable, transforming into a hockey venue. No, it was the fact that the Winter Classic, for one day, made hockey the most exciting sport in the world: a clashing of rivals, connections with unpopular players, and an intense understanding and appreciation of the “fourth sport” in America.


Adapt or Die!

Moneyball, the adaption of the best selling 2003 novel by Michael Lewis, isn't your typical sports film. Then again, what Billy Beane did with the Oakland Athletics wasn't typical either. The movie, directed by Bennett Miller (Capote), centers as a biopic but is laced together through a dramatic narrative. Spanning the course of a year, Miller takes us on the emotional roller coaster of a baseball general manager, insightfully hitting poignant moments of despair and unexpected jolts of hope. In this sense, it's not a baseball movie; it's a movie about baseball. It’s a subtle difference, but one that ultimately is able to capture the hearts of non-sports fans and make them care about a man and team that defied the odds.