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superstorm Sandy

Sandy Report Details New York's Storm Needs

Updates with detailed description of Rockefeller Foundation, adds brief description of scope of Sandy on tunnels, subways.

Floodgates for tunnels, subways and airports as well as a network of safe havens like old Civil Defense shelters should be among quick, simple preventive measures New York installs for future storms, according to the full report by an expert panel examining Superstorm Sandy's effects in New York.

Sandy To Cost Billions In Transit Repairs And Future Investments, Officials Say

Sandy wreaked havoc on the nation's largest transportation systems.

US Senators and transportation officials from New York and New Jersey said it will cost the region billions of dollars in repairs and investments to not only bring their public transit systems, bridges, and tunnels back to pre-Sandy levels, but to improve upon and prepare their infrastructure for future storms.

$9 Billion Proposal to Protect NYC from Future Storms

Plan Aims to Keep Power On in Future Large Storms

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants huge electrical transformers hauled to upper floors of commercial buildings, the ability to shutter subways, tunnels and airports from flood waters, and health facility backup power sources placed on higher ground as part of a $9 billion plan to protect New York City from the next superstorm.