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domestic violence

Breaking the Silence: Wounds That Won't Heal

A Bronx Resident from Haiti, underwent 24 reconstructive surgeries after her husband threw acid on her. As she awaits her asylum hearing, she wonders if she'll ever be reunited with her children. 

Morning Brief: December 16

The Warren Report

In an exciting week in Congress, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s stock is rising higher than any other.  The Massachusetts Democrat is leading the charge against some bank-friendly provisions in the recently-passed spending bill, speaking loudly on the issue in opposition to the President. Her strong stances have many Dems saying they’re more Ready for Elizabeth than Hillary.

Men: Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence

Studies suggest there are almost as many male victims of domestic violence as there are female victims.

Often male victims of abuse reach out to domestic violence services but are turned away because the service doesn’t have the proper resources to assist males. Other times, services won’t speak to a male caller, suspicious that he himself is an abuser searching for a former victim.