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Department of Transportation

7 Streets are next target of Vision Zero to reduce pedestrian fatalities

A new report from the Department of Transportation says just 7 streets throughout the five boroughs are responsible for nearly half of New York's p

DOT Aims To Reduce Car Accidents Around Construction Sites

New York State officials said most accidents are caused by people driving too fast.

With road construction season here, New York state officials are promoting work zone safety. The state's Department of Transportation is teaming up with state police and construction workers to tell people to follow New York's Move Over Law.

Two Brooklyn Bridges Are In Need Of Repair

The Brooklyn Bridge and Terrace Bridge in Prospect Park were named as "structurally deficent" in a recent report by New York City's Department of Transportation.

 There's the Brooklyn Bridge and then there's the Terrace Bridge. One is an iconic landmark and one is a small pedestrian footbridge in Prospect Park. But both are in Brooklyn and both are high on the city's list of bridges in need of help.

NYC Department of Transportation Says New York Streets Are Among America's Safest

New statistics released by the City's Department of Transportation show the city's traffic fatality rate remains among the lowest in the nation, and among the lowest the city has ever seen.

Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan attributed the low traffic fatality rates to the city's efforts to provide pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, and public safety campaigns throughout the city.