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Squeegeeman: Real-life Caped Crusader

A lot of comic book superheroes fight for justice in a city like New York, or New York City itself. Peter Parker -- AKA your "friendly neighborhood spiderman" hails from Queens. But, not all New York City-based superheroes are make-believ

The city is home to a number of living, breathing caped crusaders who patrol the streets. Among them, is Squeegeeman, who "fights crime and grime" in New York City.

Teens, Trauma and Delinquency

Are we doing all we should be for traumatized kids, and if we did more would it prevent crime and violence? 

We hear a lot about the stress that kids are under today--too many activities, too much homework, too much pressure to get into college…But what kind of stress does it cause if you're a kid who's abused, or who's a witness to violence, or whose parents are heavy drug users?