The War and Treaty: 2018

September 11, 2018
Michael and Tanya Trotter are the husband and wife duo behind the powerhouse band, the War and Treaty. Separately, they are both incredible talents, but together they are a force of nature.They sing from the heart...


September 10, 2018
Today is the birthdate of Isaac Funk who with Adam Wagnalls gave us Funk & Wagnalls dictionary and encyclopedia. Tragically Funk died in 1912, well before he could get down to the music that would bear his name. By...

Amos Lee

September 10, 2018
Music can be therapeutic and Amos Lee’s My New Moon, FUV's New Dig this week, succeeds at not only being a salve for his listeners, but also for himself.

Erin Rae: 2018

September 10, 2018
Erin Rae describes her music as stuck between folk and an indie place. Her insightful, honest lyrics and strong melodies drive her songs and have made Rae a bit of local hero at home in Nashville.She's originally...

UKNY For September 9

September 09, 2018
The Surrey band Softer Still, a longtime UKNY favorite, conjure a kind of lush, tender dream pop that feels concurrently buoyant and wistful. They've already released a couple of gorgeous EPs, like 2017's Visions...

Rave On, Buddy Holly

September 07, 2018
It's Buddy Holly's birthday today (he would have been 82). My deejay license would be revoked if we didn't tip our caps to the Lubbock, Texas native.His songs have been interpreted in myriad ways by artists...

Is This The Real Life?

September 05, 2018
On Freddie Mercury's birthday anniversary, the Question of the Day — is this the real life?Freddie sang high, lived large, and left us too soon.Let's celebrate the Queen frontman with originals and reimaginings of...

Cullen Omori: 2018

September 05, 2018
After the dissolution of his former band, Smith Westerns, in 2014, Cullen Omori began his solo career with his debut album, New Misery, in 2016.He’s back now with his sophomore album, The Diet. It’s a breezy...

La La Land

September 04, 2018
Angelenos celebrate today as the anniversary of the founding in 1781 of El Pueblo de la Reina de los Angeles. We're celebrating, too, with your song requests. Give us your favorites that reference L.A. and we'll...