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The WFUV Feastival

The WFUV Feastival 2017

FUV's Thanksgiving tradition continues with The WFUV Feastival. It seems like we have more live music on FUV every year — from our Studio A sessions, Marquee shows and our "Summer of FUV" festival coverage — so our Thanksgiving feast of shows keeps getting bigger too.

The WFUV Feastival 2016

Thanksgiving comes with a live music soundtrack on FUV with The WFUV Feastival.

The 2014 WFUV Feastival

It's been a big year of live music on FUV, with our first-ever live coverage of the Clearwater Festival and a return to Celebrate Brooklyn for three exclusive broadcasts. Add those festivals to an already long list of FUV Live events, including SXSW, Newport Folk Festival, CMJ and shows at venues around New York City, and it's no wonder our WFUV Feastival tradition can't be contained to just Thanksgiving Day.

Feast your ears... It's The WFUV Feastival

The WFUV Feastival is a chance to hear a lot of great live music from the past year, and this year's "feast" is our biggest yet—running this Thursday and Friday. Check out the full schedule below, including archive links and another WFUV Thanksgiving Day tradition: Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" at Noon. Then on Friday at 10am, we have a Holiday Cheer for FUV preview with Shawn Colvin, recorded live at City Winery (and you'll get to hear the encore with Emmylou Harris that didn't air the first time).