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FUV Live 20

Here's our latest collection of best performances of the past year from WFUV. Support FUV today and it's all yours.

Phoenix: 2017

The French four-piece Phoenix returned to WFUV to debut songs from its new album, Ti Amo, and to treat us to a updated version of their classic, "1901" live in Studio A. I also spoke to frontman Thomas Mars and guitarist Laurent “Branco” Brancowitz about the inspirations for the new songs and recording in Paris.

Amy Shark: 2017

Amy Shark is no overnight sensation—she spent over a decade playing covers and her own original songs in small clubs and pubs in her native Queensland. The story of her rapid ascent to the top of the Australian pop charts in 2016, thanks to one breakthrough single called “Adore,” is an astonishing one.

Lo Moon: 2017

Sometimes it's love at first sight with a band, and that's what happened for me with Lo Moon. I first heard "Loveless" last fall and immediately wanted more.

Sylvan Esso: 2017

When you hear the story of how Nick Sanborn and Amelia Meath first met and then see the hugely successful band they've gone on to create, it’s easy to believe in fate. Sylvan Esso’s 2014 self-titled debut was met with critical acclaim, appearances on television and festival stages, and a massive following. By 2017, we were more than ready for their follow-up album.

Mondo Cozmo: 2017

The Los Angeles band Mondo Cozmo is the creative outlet of Joshua Ostrander. You’re likely familiar with “Shine,” a song which we’ve been playing a lot here on WFUV, because it is great!