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FUV Boat

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Shake Your Rump

The Beasties were known for doing some great music videos. Sabotage (directed by Spike Jonze), Intergalactic, Make Some Noise (both directed by MCA - R.I.P.). Sadly, the video for Shake Your Rump does not quite measure up to their later music videos. But this is the '80s FUV Boat, and I have to play some Beasties, you know what I'm sayin? So... I chose this one. Because this is a great song, & I do want people to shake their rumps, also there is a cat on a turntable featured in the video. So...I'd say this is a win win.

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Land of Confusion

OK, first of all... This is a great song (and album - "Invisible Touch") & perhaps this is a controversial statement to make, but I do prefer Genesis with Phil Collins. This may be because because of my age. Also, Phil Collins was an amazing drummer. But let's just move on to the fact that this is also a great video.

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: We're Not Gonna Take It

Of course, the '80s was famous for all types of hair metal. This was probably the first of those bands that appealed to me. It wasn't really the make-up, I just dug their music. I mean, it's hard to find them intimidating when they look this silly, no? A quick nod for the great performance by Mark Metcalf of Animal House in this one. Will we break out the metal on the FUV Boat? Find out and climb aboard on September 7th!

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Rockit

In the early stages of music videos, this was probably the coolest one I had seen. I hadn't really heard much instrumental music at that point in my life, but how could this one not stand out? Who could forget the creepy mannequins! It's the stuff nightmares are made of. We'll certainly rock the FUV boat on September 7th, hope to see you there!

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Where to begin here? The synth intro is the stuff of legend. But, what I love most about this video is not only the inclusion of air guitar, but air bass, air keyboards and air drums. So innovative. And what's with the girl? Don't the guys in Journey know not to hang out with women down by the docks? Maybe we'll work in a classic Journey ballad so you slow dance with your significant other on the FUV Boat on September 7th!