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FUV Boat

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Got My Mind Set On You

George Harrison’s late ‘80s commercial comeback started with this remake of the 1962 song originally recorded by James Ray. “Got My Mind Set On You” had two music videos to support it, but this one is probably more commonly known. The song itself is catchy as heck and this video adds even more fun, because it’s filled with George’s playful humor. It was great to see George Harrison back on the charts and on everyone’s mind! Set your mind to September 7 for the ‘80s themed “’FUV Boat”!

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Downtown Train

In 1985, I turned 20. As I came of age, I discovered Tom Waits. Tom’s music quickly became my soundtrack. Those lonely, sometimes rainy, bourbon soaked nights were accompanied by the songs of Tom Waits. I could relate to this video. Anyway…ain’t nothin’ lonely and soggy ‘bout the “’FUV Boat”! All aboard September 7 for some ‘80s dancin’ (and, perhaps, bourbon soaked) fun!

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Makes No Sense At All

This video was my introduction to the whole “alternative hardcore pop punk indie” sound! The randomness of its scenes and the D.I.Y. qualities struck a chord with me, as did the power pop catchiness of the song. To make things even more pleasantly askew, the “Makes No Sense At All” video was extended with, of all things, a pop punk cover of the theme to the Mary Tyler Moore show, “Love Is All Around” (which was the b-side of the “Makes No Sense At All” single). It’ll all make sense on the “FUV Boat” on September 7. Why don’t you join us!

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Whip It

They came from Ohio with their de-humanized, synthetic music, the concept of de-evolution … and red Energy Domes! Are they not men? They are Devo! Devo enjoyed their greatest commercial success with “Whip It” and this off the wall video was a favorite in the early days of MTV. I intend to “whip it good” -‘80s style - on the “FUV Boat,” September 7.

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Every Breath You Take

The haunting black and white cinematography of this video stamped an indelible mark on the 1980s. It punctuated this powerful song that, on the surface, sounds like a broken hearted song of longing, but underneath lies the words of an obsessed, sinister person, jealously seeking control of a lost love. The video was produced by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, formerly of 10CC. I promise to add color and a funky groove on our '80s-themed “FUV Boat” on September 7.

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Take On Me

This might be a case where the music video eclipses the actual song. I remember watching this video in the '80s and thinking, "Man this. Is. Brilliant!" & you know what, I do still really enjoy this video. I used to think the ending was really romantic too. But I just laughed out loud (LOL) at how the lead singer Morten Harket (I just looked his name up. Did not ring a bell. I never knew that guy's name) throws himself against the walls in anguish as he tries to break through to the reality where his love interest is waiting for him.

'80s Flashback FUV Boat: Down Under

I think you would really hard pressed to find a person who does not know, in detail, about the adventures described in this song. Quick inventory: You've got your Vegemite sandwich, The Strange Lady who makes you nervous, but cooks you breakfast (not specified, but it was probably also Vegemite-based).