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Five Essential Albums

FUV Essentials: Greg Graffin on Pearl Jam

As frontman for Bad Religion, Greg Graffin and his bandmates have toured with Pearl Jam since the early '90s, notably when Bad Religion supported the Seattle rockers for 1995's Vitalogy tour (which was cut short due to conflicts with Ticketmaster) and more recently in 2009. Graffin, who has a brand new solo album out, Millport, wrote a personal recollection of his friendship with Vedder and Pearl Jam  for FUV Essentials:

Steve Earle: Five Essential Rolling Stones Songs

Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin covered the Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday" on 2016's Colvin & Earle and Earle has famously crooned "Dead Flowers" too.  Given the Rolling Stones' affection for country music over the years, we asked Earle, who also deftly crosses between rock and country,  if he'd mind coming up with a list of his "Five Essential Rolling Stones Songs."

Ted Leo: Five Essential Aimee Mann Songs

The partnership of friends Aimee Mann and Ted Leo as The Both is one of the best things to ever come out of Twitter: the two pals maintained a long-distance connection over clever tweets (and hashtags) and eventually toured together, supporting their solo albums. At some point on the road, in the wilderness of Milwaukee, they decided to write songs together too. Leo has written an affectionate assessment of his "Five Essential Aimee Mann Songs" for FUV Essentials (but since it's impossible to choose only five, he slipped in a few more too).

Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood: Five Essential Clash Albums

When the Alabama-bred, mostly Georgia-based Drive-By Truckers were recording 2016's American Band, a candid assessment of contemporary issues drawn from a Southern perspective, they looked to a London band, the Clash, for inspiration and guidance. So for FUV Essentials, we asked frontman Patterson Hood to write about the band that has profoundly influenced him.

Mike Doughty: Five Essential Police Songs

Considering the jittery, restless legacy of Soul Coughing and Doughty's experimentation, street poet eloquence, and mutable solo releases, it's not too left field to learn that he really likes the Police, this week's FUV Essentials. Doughty's discerning list of "Five Essential Police Songs" highlights the often unsung impact of guitarist Andy Summers.

Hurray For The Riff Raff: Five Essential Lou Reed Songs

Hurray for the Riff Raff's Alynda Segarra writes from the sharp perspective of a native New Yorker, traversing a similarly socially outspoken, urban path as Lou Reed, this week's FUV Essentials artist. Segarra has found inspiration in Reed's fearless lyricism, as she eloquently writes in her "Five Essential Lou Reed Songs."