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Five Essential Albums

Public Service Broadcasting: Five Essential Albums

J. Willgoose, Esq., one half of the electronic London duo Public Service Broadcasting, is an ardent film and history buff, a quality which defines the band (which includes drummer Wrigglesworth) and its unique mission. Known for their clever use of vintage movie clips, historic sound bites, and other gems found at the British Film Institute and beyond, Public Service Broadcasting's eye was cast on everything from Spitfire airplanes to Sir Edmund Hillary's 1953 ascent of Everest on their 2013 debut, Inform-Educate-Entertain. J and Wrigglesworth also came by Studio A last year for a session for FUV Live minus their multimedia setup.

For the duo's ambitious second album, The Race For Space, they focused on American and Soviet space exploration in the '60s. Reflecting on that album and beyond, Public Service Broadcasting's tweed-loving J wrote up his "Five Essential Albums" for WFUV.

White Hinterland: Five Essential Albums

Classically-trained Casey Dienel, who records as White Hinterland, breaks down genre barriers on her most recent album Baby, slipping between voluptuous pop, undulating R&B, bluesy laments and the rigor of experimental rock 'n' roll. Her ability to find a juncture between these multiple musical personalities is electrifying, especially in live performance. Curious? You're in luck. White Hinterland will be in New York this Friday, June 27, to play Rough Trade. Since White Hinterland's Casey Dienel has such a bold, catholic taste in music, we asked if she'd pull together a list of her Five Essential Albums: