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The Alternate Side

Kins - FUV Live - 2014

According to their official bio, Kins are a UK-based guitar-pop band specializing in "the sound of doubt, detachment and muted aggression.” We are big fans of their song “Mockasin's," so when we heard the band would be in town for a couple of shows – June 17th at the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn and June 18th at Pianos in the city – we thought we’d ask them to stop by Studio A to play us some of their songs and talk about their self-titled, debut album.

Take Five with The Alternate Side: Robert DeLong

Face paint aficionado Robert DeLong is determined to bring a one-man party to the stage, but the Los Angeles-based dance artist isn't interested in churning out the dull brand of roaring EDM as proselytized by Deadmau5 or Skrillex. Adroitly juggling electronic gadgetry, MIDI interfaces, drums, supple pop chops and insightful lyrics, Robert DeLong's music harkens back to a more sophisticated era of dance music.

Take Five with The Alternate Side: Guards

Guards dives headlong into the deep end of the guitar rock pool on its expansive, brazenly hook-laden debut, In Guards We Trust. Led by former Willowz frontman and Cults touring member Richie Follin — the older brother of Cults' Madeline Follin  — Guards' evolution from EP to full-length album was a two-year process during which 50 songs were written (some of which will eventually surface as B-sides).