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Woody's Children: Remembering Pete Seeger

Sunday at 4pm on Woody's Children: Join host Bob Sherman in remembering Pete Seeger.

Nobody, in or out of the arts, has had a greater influence on the positive elements in American society than Pete Seeger, whether fighting for peace, standing up to the blacklisters, helping clean up the Hudson, encouraging other folk musicians, bringing hordes of youngsters into the folk family, and letting all of us share his enduring hope for a better future. Pete coined the phrase "Woody's Children," was our guest on the very first broadcast in January of 1969, paid us many studio visits over the years, and has been the subject of birthday tributes for thirty years and more.

Now, alas, we needs must have a memorial tribute, and so our show this week (Sunday at 4pm) emerges with songs about Pete from half a dozen or more musical admirers, and a little folk cantata fusing Pete's own music swirled in an around Charlie Cody's poetic salute, "Because You Were There." 

Pete may have laid down his hammer, but his music and his achievements are everlasting. I hope a little of his magic will seep into our broadcast remembrance.