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The Whole Wide World with Delphine Blue Debuts

The Whole Wide World with Delphine Blue

Listen back to Delphine Blue's "The Whole Wide World" January 8 debut in the Weekend Archives for two weeks.

"The Whole Wide World." It’s a big place to embrace. And the scope of a music show with this name might be considered a challenge. But for some DJs, like myself and like Rita Houston, it’s a playground, just big enough to encompass all the music to be heard and delighted in.

Big shoes to fill? Most certainly. Rita tended her garden with deep love and attention. And the garden will continue to flourish. That’s why she entrusted it, and you the listeners of "The Whole Wide World," to my stewardship. I would be dishonest if I said I was not a little nervous, but I see Rita smiling at me saying, "C’mon ODB," which was her nickname for me, "you DJ'ed my wedding."

DJs of many varieties — whether radio DJs, club DJs, street DJs, ones who focus on a particular specialty, or ones who employ skills to use the turntables like musical instruments — are an ilk of music addicts with an exuberant desire to share sounds evocative of form, harmony, emotion, rhythm, beauty, and inspiration. I see that as my mission.

On this first show fashioned by yours truly, timing warrants a spotlight on a group of birthday celebrants clustered in a way to suggest musicians born on these days were destined for greatness. Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey, and David Bowie are just a few who share the natal world entrance of January 8.

Also expect beats that will make your spine the bassline. I have many hopes for this new year, one being a wonderful new relationship with you.

Join me for "The Whole Wide World," Fridays from 6-9 p.m., EST, available after broadcast in the Weekend Archives.