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From the Vault: The Decemberists 2005

Cover of The Decemberists' 2005 album 'Picaresque.'

Cover of The Decemberists' 2005 album Picaresque.



The craft of their songs and albums is just part of why The Decemberists are FUV Essentials. Another big factor is the band's incredible live show.

Although they've played plenty of big stages over the years, FUV's Studio A has hosted several of those great live music moments. So all this week on FUV Live, we're looking back into our Vault for past sessions with The Decemberists, and also with frontman Colin Meloy, who has made a couple of solo visits to FUV.

Today, we flashback to May 2005 when the whole band (including Petra Haden) came by Studio A after releasing the album, Picaresque. Not only did they treat us to some Decemberists favorites — "The Engine Driver," "We Both Go Down Together" and "Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect" — but they also decided to throw in songs by The Who and ELO.

Listen anytime below, or tonight at 8 p.m. on FUV.

[recorded: 5/3/05]