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USS NJ Replaces Intrepid for Veterans Day Event

Vets Belatedly Honored in New York City
Vets Belatedly Honored in New York City

A Veterans Day ceremony featuring World War II Navy vets being belatedly honored for their D-Day heroism has been moved from the storm-damaged USS Intrepid in Manhattan to the USS New Jersey.

Organizers of Sunday's medal awards ceremony at the battleship docked on the Delaware River in Camden say they expect at least two of the five surviving members of the 6th Naval Beach Battalion to attend the event, Andrew Chmiel of Fairport, N.Y., and Vince Kordack of Bedford, N.H.

Their unit was among the first to land at Omaha Beach on Normandy on June 6, 1944. The unit's survivors and the families of the deceased members were notified this June that the former sailors were being awarded the Bronze Star and Combat Medic Badge for their D-Day actions.