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U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman Announces Retirement


Longtime independent Senator from Connecticut announces his plans to retire in 2012.

Senator Joe Lieberman confirmed he will not seek another term next November.

But the Democrat switched Independent says he still plans to finish his last two years in office strong. Lieberman gave a laundry list of goals he wants to accomplish ranging from fixing the economy to combating climate change.

He acknowledged that in order to get those things done, he will have to reach across the aisle. The Senator said he will do everything in his power to “build strong bridges across party lines, to keep our country safe, to win the wars we’re in and to make sure America’s leadership on the world’s stage is principled and strong.”

Lieberman did not outline specific plans for the future, but said his career in public service is not over.

WFUV's Claudia Morell contributed to this report