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Trombone Shorty: Five Essential Sharon Jones & The Dap-...

Trombone Shorty (photo by Mathieu Bitton, PR)

Trombone Shorty (photo by Mathieu Bitton, PR)


Trombone Shorty, the New Orleans musician and producer Troy Andrews, is a lucky man. Andrews, who recently released his first album for the Blue Note label, Parking Lot Symphony, toured with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings and Hall & Oates last year, travelled through the States all summer, and ended the journey in Las Vegas on September 23. It was a triumphant tour, but painfully it was also the final one for the courageous Miss Sharon Jones: she passed away after a a long battle with pancreatic cancer on November 18, 2016.

All this week, coinciding with her May 4 birthday, FUV is celebrating Jones' remarkable life, impact and artistry for FUV Essentials. We knew that Andrews, her former tourmate and friend, would offer a beautiful recollection of Jones, a dynamic powerhouse of a person and performer. His choices of "Five Essential Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Songs" are his memories of that life-affirming time.

Trombone Shorty: Five Essential Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Songs:

Last summer, 2016, we toured the US all summer with Hall & Oates and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. There were some nights when Hall & Oates were off, so it was just us and Sharon doing a show. We would trade off who closed our co-bill shows and who went on right before Hall & Oates, so I got to hear her sing after my set, or have to go on right after her.

All summer Sharon was in high spirits—some nights you would've never known what she was fighting from the show. She'd come in to the dressing room; we'd laugh. A couple times, I might be wondering if she'd have it in her that night to do the show. But then the house lights would go down, the stage lights came up, and there she was, just bringing it. Every night.

These are the songs that most remind me of her and those summer nights:

"Retreat!," Give the People What They Want (2014)
I remember this from the first show of the tour and I was like, man! It just has this profound feeling, with the introduction, the guitar comes in and it just demands your attention. Even if you were nowhere near the stage, you could feel the energy this song created in the audience. It was remarkable.

"He Said I Can," Soul Time! (2011)
Close my eyes and I picture her onstage singing this one, dancing and shimmying to the groove, and putting out more energy than most any performer I've ever seen.

"Get Up and Get Out," Give the People What They Want (2014)
This was the only time I ever really heard her talk about her cancer. She'd really connect and talk about how glad she was to still be able to perform and say she told it to get out, and I believed her.

"100 Days, 100 Nights," 100 Days, 100 Nights (2007)
You could feel the power of her voice on this track, and how determined she was to get everybody into the spirit.

"Stranger to My Happiness," Give the People What They Want (2014)
This one is a rave up, old school. The band would vamp and get the crowd into it and Sharon would just smile.

- Troy Andrews, aka Trombone Shorty
May 2017

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