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Today's Clearwater Artist: John Fullbright

Celebrating Clearwater Artists: John Fullbright

Celebrating Clearwater Artists: John Fullbright


John Fullbright is a 26 year old singer songwriter from Oklahoma. In a fairly short period of time, John has received huge amounts of critical praise and dozens of positive reviews. All of this positivity points towards one common opinion - John Fullbright is one of this country's brightest young talents. John, who plays both guitar and keyboards, started performing his songs in public while still in high school. He left college to work with several bands before deciding to give it a go on his own at the age of 20. His first solo album was recorded live at the Oklahoma City club, the Blue Door. The album, simply called Live At The Blue Door, was released in 2009. In 2012, John issued his second album, which was his first solo studio record. The album, From The Ground Up, was a collection of songs that paid homage to the farm house where he grew up. The positive reaction to From The Ground Up was overwhelming and it all culminated with the album being nominated for a Grammy award in the category Best Americana Album. Although the album didn't win, it sure did ensure John's place as a musical force to be reckoned with. John's highly anticipated follow up, Songs, was recently released and it is already living up to expectations. One reviewer even suggested that the album belongs in the same pantheon of landmark albums as Neil Young's After The Gold Rush and Joni Mitchell's Blue.

Clearwater attendees will be able to hear for themselves when John Fullbright performs his musical treasures on day one, Saturday, June 21.


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