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Today's Clearwater Artist: Dan Bern

Celebrating Clearwater Artists: Dan Bern

Celebrating Clearwater Artists: Dan Bern


Dan Bern is a remarkably talented singer, songwriter, author and artist. He first appeared in 1996 with a six song EP called "Dog Boy Van" which set the stage for his self titled debut album in 1997. From that point on, Dan has proven to be a prolific songwriter, releasing almost two dozen albums and EPs. This extensive discography includes several live albums, a children's album, a collection of baseball songs and a few releases with political and religious themes. His latest collection is Songs Of Fall, a digital album of songs written during the fall of 2013. Dan's songwriting ability has led to work composing material for film soundtracks. He was one of the primary songwriters for the comedy "Walk Hard  The Dewey Cox Story" and he also contributed material to the film "Get Him To The Greek". His novel, "Quitting Science", written under the pen name Cunliffe Merriwether, was published around ten years ago. Dan is a dynamic performer whose Dylanesque qualities have endeared him to fans of contemporary folk and rock. He has been a WFUV favorite ever since we started playing the song "Jerusalem" back in 1996 and Clearwater attendees are in for a treat when Dan takes the stage. 

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