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Take Five with Alabama Shakes

Take Five with FUV Live 15 artist, Alabama Shakes.

Hearing artists live on Take Five and Words & Music from Studio A gives you an inside look at the songs you hear on WFUV. It's also a great way to discover new music. Today's Take Five features Alabama Shakes from an incredible Bowery Ballroom performance last spring. That's just about the time their debut album, Boys & Girls, was released. It has since earned them three Grammy nominations, and the #1 spot in the Top 90 Albums of 2012, as voted by FUV listeners. Now the album is yours as a bonus gift with any other thank-you gift from WFUV.

You'll also find Alabama Shakes on FUV Live 15, and in this look back to our SXSW coverage. Take a look, take a listen, and take a couple of minutes to support WFUV—your home for musical discovery.