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Staten Island Boardwalk Reopens 9 Months After Sandy

NYC Boardwalk Reopens 9 Months After Sandy
Work Continues to Reinforce Boardwalk

Staten Islanders are celebrating a milestone in the borough's recovery from Superstorm Sandy.

Nine months after the storm hit, the entire 1.7-mile length of Staten Island's Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk was reopened for the first time Friday.

New York City Parks Commissioner Veronica White praised the 25 Parks Department carpenters who pitched in and got the job done.

White says "everybody was out there working together."

Resident Lisa Bova-Hiatt told the Staten Island Advance the boardwalk's reopening means "we're getting back to life as normal."

White said additional work will continue to reinforce the boardwalk but it is now safe to be used by the public.

A few scattered portions of the boardwalk had been previously opened during the spring and early summer.