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Squash Senior of the Week: Andrew Grosner

Fordham SID's Office


I ask the squash senior everything from his greatest achievement to his Super Bowl prediction

Name: Andrew Grosner

From: Buffalo, NY

Major: Math and Computer Science

Why Squash? “When I was in high school I wanted to do the hockey team and ski club but the schedules conflicted so I joined the squash team so I could still ski as well.

Greatest Achievement: “My greatest achievement was against the Navy B team. I was in the fifth spot and I was down every game to the last point and I rallied back each game to win”.

Goal for Season: “Individually, I want to win the matches that I should and just try my best in the harder ones. As a team, I want to win the national division we’re put in and try to finish lower in the [national] rankings”.

Perfect Vacation: “Australia and New Zealand. It’s fantastic and has great beaches and surfing”.

Super Bowl Prediction: New England Patriots 21, New York Giants 17

Plans After College: “Go to Fordham Grad school for Computer Science software or get a P.H.D”.