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Some Connecticut Officials and Advocacy Groups Rally for...

Some Connecticut Officials and Advocacy Groups Rally for Immigration Reform
Immigration Reformers Rally Across the State

Hundreds of immigrants, supporters and elected officials are rallying in cities across Connecticut to call for federal immigration reform.

The events, organized by the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance, will take place in Danbury, New Haven and Bridgeport on Tuesday and Stamford and Hartford on Wednesday.

Democratic members of Connecticut's state legislature are expected to attend the rallies, including Speaker Brendan Sharkey, Sen. Andres Ayala and Reps. Juan Candelaria, Ronald Lemar and Ezequiel Santiago.

The events are part of a national week of action that is scheduled to include a rally at the White House on Wednesday. U.S. Sen.  John McCain, R-Arizona, indicated on Sunday that the Senate's bipartisan plan is set to be released later this week.