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Sit Down With Marvin Miller

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Kevin and Ricky talk to Marvin Miller.

Kevin Price and Ricky Cibrano sit down with Marvin Miller, the Former Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Player's Association.

Kevin Price

Marvin Miller has spent his life ensuring that other men got their due. A Bronx native who worked for some of the country’s most influential labor unions before leading the Major League Baseball Players Association through its most transformative era, Miller’s impact on the game of baseball cannot be overestimated.

This is why it is so difficult to believe that he is a man who hasn’t received the recognition that he is due. For an executive to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, it is expected that he had a major impact on the game.

Miller’s contributions to the success of the modern business of baseball are so large that he meets the standard for being in Cooperstown several times over. The man who negotiated the first collective bargaining agreement between players and owners and oversaw the dawn of free agency belongs amongst the pantheon of men who have altered the baseball landscape.

Ricky Cibrano and I had the opportunity to speak with Miller in advance of the recently released HBO Sports film “The Curious Case of Curt Flood.” We spoke about Flood’s impact on the battle for free agency and how that right was eventually won, as well as other intriguing issues such as the Hall of Fame and the current labor strife across the sports landscape.