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Sen. Buono Kicks-Off Campaign for NJ Gov.

Sen. Buono Kicks-Off Campaign for NJ Gov.
Dem. Hopes to Unseat Christie in November

Sen. Barbara Buono officially kicks off her campaign for New Jersey governor with a rally in New Brunswick on Saturday.

The Metuchen lawmaker is the Democrats' presumptive nominee to challenge Gov. Chis Christie in November.

The 59-year-old progressive says Christie hasn't done enough for the middle-class and working poor. She says property taxes and unemployment remain too high.

Christie says he's stabilized property tax increases by forcing municipalities to keep their budgets under a cap he enacted with Democrats' help.

The 50-year-old Republican governor remains enormously popular since Superstorm Sandy ravaged the state in late October. He'll also have a huge funding edge in the election.

Christie's first campaign fundraiser is Monday. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is hosting an event for him in California later this month.