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Scheniderman to Focus on Corruption, Wages, Banks

Scheniderman to Focus on Corruption, Wages, Banks
NY's re-elected Attorney General sets goals for second term.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, fresh from re-election by a wide margin, says he'll focus on government corruption, wage theft and drug trafficking, expanding initiatives from his first term.
Schneiderman, who co-chairs the federal task force investigating banks in the national housing market collapse, also says they've done three settlements for $60 billion and more will follow.
He cites 55 cases brought against corrupt public officials and cronies with referrals from state auditors under an arrangement with Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, and says they now plan to be "as aggressive and creative as we have to be" to change Albany's culture of corruption.
Another target is employer wage theft from low-paid and higher-paid workers. Schneiderman says they recovered $18 million for 14,000 workers and that effort is just starting.