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Sanders Grabs A Bite in the Bronx

Senator Sanders shakes hands with supporters

Photo by Andrea Garcia 


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders paid a visit to Little Italy in the Bronx. Sanders stopped at Michaelangelo's, a restaurant on Arthur Avenue, where he talked with local politicians and supporters. 

"He has the heart to speak up, and people want to hear what's going on." said Bronxite Jessy Sexton, "And I think that what he's doing is great. I guarantee that Trump isn't coming over here."

Sanders even managed to gain the vote of Louis Florio, from Bronxville.

"Today's my birthday, so he asked how old I was," Florio said, "I'm 21, and [Sanders] said 'Happy Birthday.' [Sanders] asked me if I was going to vote tomorrow, and I told him 'yeah, for you.'"

Tomorrow Senator Sanders will go against Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in the New York Democratic Primary.