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Reports Show Mediocre NYC School Progress

Reports Show Mediocre NYC School Progress
Annual Report Shows Huge Jump in Number of NYC Schools Receiving a C

Annual progress reports show a huge jump in the number of New York City elementary and middle schools receiving a C three years in a row. The number rose from 9 last year to 166 this year.

The reports show that 304 schools got A's, 421 got B's and 365 received C's. Eighty received D's and 23 got F's.

The scores are based on results of student's standardized math and reading tests, and also on attendance and parent feedback. The city Department of Education will explore whether any of the schools should be closed. But the agency told The New York Times that none faced automatic intervention. Some of those schools still get high marks from parents.

Critics have long complained that the system over-emphasizes student test scores.