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Police in NY to Deploy License Plate Readers Amid Slayings

Photo Courtesy: Adrian Pingstone, Wikipedia


Officials in New York are installing dozens of license plate readers to help investigators collect key data amid a string of brutal killings.

About 50 cameras will be placed at roughly 20 locations throughout Brentwood, on Long Island.

Four Brentwood High School teens have been found dead over the past several weeks. The skeletal remains of an 18-year-old were also found in the city last week. Police say the 18-year-old was a known MS-13 gang member.

Suffolk County police officials tell Newsday they want to install the cameras in the coming months throughout the hamlet.

The readers capture plate information that can then be checked against a list of wanted suspects, missing people and stolen vehicles.

Police say $1 million in state funding will pay for the cameras.